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Would be interesting to see the results here.
Your observation on information retrieval is dead on.

I mentally consumed what you typed above and wondered upon this part "It strikes me that what is important to me is not knowledge transfer but rather to bestow wisdom upon him" ... as I looked into the eyes of a great wonder in a little child I too was astounded by a powerful presence of an amazing mind; the articulation of such a mind empowers the mother into embracing and exchanging information as a balanced peer; whilst within loving caring coordinated guiding care.

Virgina Satir shared an information exchange of what now is understood as a profound wisdom at ones choice of acceptance ... it is ...

Feelings of worth can flourish only in an atmosphere where individual differences are appreciated, mistakes are tolerated, communication is open and rules are flexible ... the kind of atmosphere that is found in a nurturing family.

For sharing you unique worth - thank you.

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Charles Knight, editor

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I really like what you've got planned for your boys and your future search endeavours.

I'm really impressed by your article. It's one of the most interesting I've read in a while. I do have a kid about the same age too, and I can relate to what you're saying.

Wisdom is such a great word, and you helped me understand what it really means. Thank you!

Isabella Fiske McFarlin here.
I like your page and blog! But the photo you have of my father, Irving Fiske, is NOT him. It is someone he'd probably have loved to meet (she's attractive), but it is not male or my father…
If you want a picture of Irv I can provide you with one. I appreciate your using his quotations. I think he was pretty wise, especially where young children were and are involved.
Isabella (Ladybelle)

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there is a typo on the iwise homepage - you have not a twitterfeed but a twiterfeed

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I really like the quotes you chose and the people you chose for the site. It's a great idea. And, in my opinion (and clearly, that of my father, Irving Fiske), you are correct about children. They teach us, we don't teach them... unfortunately we all too often take their original joyous energy and pour it down the drain.
Today, people may cater to their children more than when some of us were young (I, however, was raised to have, do and be what I wished, insofar as my parents could manage it in the world of the 50 and early 60s). But this "catering" is not the same thing as honoring their innate and wise intelligence. Children are also pushed too hard to excel in things like pre-school and kindergarten. I still think, with my family, that most kids (this doesn't always apply to kids with emotional and learnng disabilities), offered learning as a joyous goodie, will delight in it, not hate it and fear it...
In Judaism, I believe, there is a custom to give a child a sweet when first teaching him/her to read. This associates the yumminess of learning with the yumminess of goodies... and thus the Jewish people have been very successful, generally speaking, at promoting a love of reading and learning. My father came from a family of Russian Jewish emigres and was certainly one who loved to read, write, learn. And when he was 28, he told me, one day he realized he didn't HAVE to be what his parents wanted him to be. He could be whatever he wanted! (In those days people believed the status quo ruled till a somewhat later age). I am so glad for this site and will try to find some more neat quotes for you.

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